Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Testimonials

It has been such a blessing to have Dr. King work with me on my health and nutrition for the last 2 years. Prior to seeing dr king I was ready to give up- I was in denial that by eating right and taking the supplements would help with my nutrition. Not only did I lose weight by changing my eating style, I also noticed positive changes in my energy levels, was educated on proper nutrition, and it helped reduce and eliminate some of the symptoms I had from my health condition. I am so thankful for dr king and her dedication in helping me reach my health and nutrition goals! -Hilary

Stephanie King is not only available to me in person at her relaxing office she is available by email. Very knowledgeable and supportive. All of her staff are committed to personalized, warm & professional services. During a session w/ King, she gives me her undivided attention. She has helped me become more conscious about my health. Her guidance has truly made a difference in my life. -Theresa

Dr. King has helped me survive my menopause symptoms. I felt horrible for weeks until I researched online and found King’s office. As soon as I met her I knew she could resolve my problems. I even had my sister who is a doctor come to our first consultation. She was very impressed with how knowledgeable Dr. King was and knew her advice would help me resolve my problems. After only 2 weeks on King’s program specifically made for my needs, I felt better than I have for years.
Thank you Dr. King for giving me my life back. I feel like a normal person again!

A friend recommended Dr. Stephanie King. She saved my life with Bioidentical Hormones, I feel like I was in my 20’s again. My memory is up, my energy is great, my business mind is back and my wife is happy. Thank you for giving me my sex life and energy back! Thanks Doc, this was embarrassing at first but it was the best decision I made, and I should have done this years ago.– Anonymous Male

I found myself in full menopause; literally from one day to the next. I immediately started suffering from terrible hot flashes and migraines. It took some patience, which was difficult given the circumstances. However, patience paid off because after a few weeks my hot flashes totally went away and my migraines subsided tremendously. Dr. King is truly compassionate with what she does and you would be very fortunate to receive her personalized services. I’m sure anyone would agree with me that doctors like this are very hard to find, so don’t miss out, make your appointment today!– Annette M.

“I call Dr. Stephanie King my “Miracle Doctor” because she honestly saved my life. I suffered from chronic urticaria (which means hives all over my body) and it was starting to affect my work as an actress too. I spent two years going to different doctors before I found her. They had me on so many drugs, including Prednisone and Xyzal, and nothing worked. They basically said they didn’t know what was wrong, and I would just have to live with it. Finally I went to Dr. King and she ran the LSA Pro computer scan on me, which scans your organs and systems, and she found my problem areas in my body and my diet. She now has me on bio identical hormone replacements (turns out it was hormone related, which no other doctor got!) and supplements, and I no longer have hives! She always replies within hours when I email her questions too, it’s one of her extras that she offers to her clients, and it’s huge not to have to pay for office exams when she can adjust your supplements and dosage this way. I can’t recommend her highly enough! She is one of the most ethical people I ever met, and makes it her personal mission to help you live your best life possible.”– Barbara N.

“I first went to Dr. King for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. First she helped me get on a nutrition plan with a few supplements. All I can say is that only after a few days, I felt better than I had in 10 years.Then she gave me bio-identical supplements. Her suggestions have kept me feeling very balanced and healthy. She is 100% there for her patients. I highly recommend her and her office staff. She helps me maintain my wellness! I am so grateful to her!”– Lisa F.

“Dr. Stephanie King saved my life, she truly cares about her patients and treats us like family. I thought I would drive her nuts because I took advantage of her unlimited email and was emailing everyday in the beginning but she was so kind and personally emailed me back and right away answering all my questions, now what doctor still gives you that personal service and doesn’t charge extra. My hormones were a wreck and I had gained 3 sizes as a result I had tried doctors recommended in books by famous people and got worse then a friend said go to Dr. King and I’m so glad I did in one month my hormones we back in good shape I could sleep through the night again after 8 years of no sleep and no more hot flashes.

I have lost 26 pounds and unlike some bad reviewers I’m not in love with food I stuck to Dr. King’s plan followed everything and have maintained my loss at now size 4 the thinnist I’ve ever been in my life. She did help me cheat a little with the Zerona Laser which was my present to me and soooo worth it. Thank you to you and your sweet staff who are so welcoming and also answer all my questions every time I call on the phone you guys are so great and very affordable as I’m on a very fixed budget. Thanks for giving me back my life. I now to go for massage on a regular basis the office is so pleasant to be in.”– Grace K.

“I have had Fibromyalgia/CFS/Major Sleep disorder problems for the last 12 years. Not one MD Doctor help me over that period of time. Dr. King had me sleeping through the night in less than a month! She saved my life! She has helped with my pain, fatigue, and weightloss. I lost 35lbs in 3 months with her help. She has rescued me from several crisis situations with muscle spasms and misalignments that contributed to my pain and discomfort. She is attentive, available, informed and she really cares to help. I highly recommend her and all of her services. She is a life saver!!!”– Eric P.