West Jordan Utah Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Patient Reviews

“Dr. Petersen has given me hope that this isn’t my swan song, that I will be able to find the right cure and be able to live an amazing life. I know he cares about me and all of his patients.”

– Jennifer

“His cutting-edge treatment of my hormone imbalance and thyroid disease helped me to regulate both my thyroid disease and hormone imbalance. I saw a marked improvement in my energy and mood. Dr. Petersen is easy to talk to and is very thorough in both diagnosing and treating. He is interested in you as a person and doesn’t just put you in the standard medical treatment box.”

– Allen

“The staff is very thorough, kind, knowledgable and open-minded. I am encouraged that after my first visit, they will be able to find the right course of action for me to take to start feeling better both mentally and physically.”

– Lauren L.

“Dr. Petersen is everything you want in a physician. He cares, he listens, he doesn’t make you feel guilty for being in pain, he treats uncomfortable symptoms, and he addresses the root causes behind illness for a whole-body approach to health. Dr. Petersen and his staff have given me my life back, and the care they provide is truly unique. You honestly will not find a better physician anywhere (trust me, I’ve seen dozens of them). Overall, Whole Health is an amazing place filled incredible people who administer truly effective therapies.”

– Jason F.

“I was hesitant as it’s personal pay, but my visit to this clinic was worth every dime and more. I’m not usually a frequent doctor visit person, but I have had some persistent chronic issues in the past year or two, and I am so fatigued by the “transactional medicine” that I find being practiced nearly everywhere that yields no real solutions. Dr. Peterson is genuine, knowledgeable and personable. Most important, he was deeply interested in understanding the whole picture and pursuing a total wellness solution. His staff was equally friendly and helpful with special thanks to Amanda. Also, they provided us a detailed receipt with all of the billing codes, so I’m sending those myself to our insurance company – but even with no insurance help, I won’t hesitate to see Dr. Peterson going forward. This visit restored my faith in medical practice actually being about patient wellness.”

– Matthew Tucker

“Dr Peterson is probably the best DR I have ever seen. He is one of those Drs that changes lives and makes people whole again. This isn’t churn and burn through patients… he sits with you for a long time to understand what you need, explains the science, and LISTENS to what you have to say. When you follow up he asks how you “feel”… other Drs look at labs and tell you how you SHOULD feel, which is a total joke. Peterson is a healer… he’s cutting edge, he’s what Drs aspire to but rarely achieve.”

– Red Planet

“The entire staff was really efficient, very nice and polite. I was super impressed with my whole experience there I did not have to wait around at all which is not a typical in a doctors office.”

– Josh Ottesen

“The doctors and staff are all amazing and whole heartedly want to see you improve and get well.”

– Madeline Hulme

“Dr. Peterson and his staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate.. They work in ernest to tackle difficult and complicated health issues and will dig muchmuch deeper than your “run of the mill” medical centers. Their goal is to get you well! Furthermore, your treated like a person by the Whole Health Team as opposed to just another nameless face. Highly Recommended”

“About two years ago right around Thanksgiving time I became very sick with flulike symptoms, awful achiness all over my body and I had become completely wiped out.

Searching for a solution, I visited many doctors who diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia which is sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome. When I wasn’t’ responding to treatments I was then told my symptoms were a result of my going through menopause and a resulting hormone imbalance. However, lab after lab and test after test showed my hormone levels where normal.

I became so frustrated because I felt I there was something else going on other than “hormones” and “chronic fatigue syndrome.” I went online searching desperately for help. Maybe someone else was experiencing similar symptoms and maybe they could help me find out what was wrong. In my searching, I was referred to doctors and clinics who specialize in autoimmune disorders and /or unexplained symptoms.

Thankfully, I was able to locate one that meet those criteria. This clinic specialized in hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, chronic infection and fatigue syndromes. I figured I had nothing to lose so I called Dr. Petersen’s office to make an appointment. He was very busy but I was able to get an appointment in about two weeks.

The weeks leading up to the appointment were hard as I still felt awful. After such a long journey, I was losing hope that I’d be able to find someone that could help diagnose what was going on with me.

What was worse was that my fear and anxiety was affecting my entire family!

When my appointment day arrived, I met Dr. Petersen and realized quickly that he was different. He was the first doctor that had both my husband and me in his office and let us talk without interrupting or dismissing many of my symptoms outright.

Through my tears and sobs, I explained everything that I had gone through for all those years. I wanted answers so badly. I silently prayed that he would be my “Dr. House”, seeing connections in seemingly unrelated symptoms and arriving at the correct diagnosis. I needed him to be the doctor who would give me answers.

I was lucky because Dr. Petersen proved to be just that. He has truly been a Godsend!

I have hope and confidence that one day I’ll be 100% better, which is something, a few years ago, I never thought would be possible.”

– Karen